Davide Belossi


Meet Volunteer Firefighter Davide Belossi


Prior to joining the Camp Hill fire Department in 2012, I was a volunteer for 12 years in the Italian Forestry Fire Service (A.I.B.) before coming to the United States in 2011. I have a dual citizenship and I am proud to call myself an American.
I volunteer to become a valuable part of the community and to help someone in need. When you have a purpose, then you are hooked for life. I also enjoy the brotherhood and the friends that you make. When you become part of the fire department, these people become an extension of your family.
It is also extremely rewarding. The sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when you can save a life is overwhelming. You prepare for hours, weeks and months for your first incident, and then it happens.


Some of my favorite things are spending time with family and friends, visiting my favorite Camp Hill spot the West Shore Family Restaurant and of course, as an Italian, pasta!!

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