Matthew Sinopoli

Meet Matthew Sinopoli

Matt has been a member since December of 2014.  He has been employed for the past 16 years at the Central Dauphin School District as the Technology Services Director and has lived in the Camp Hill Borough since 2007.

Born and raised in Shamokin, Pa., I was a volunteer Firefighter for the Maine Fire Company of Coal Township for 3 years in the early 90’s. I became a firefighter so I can give back to the community and to join the brotherhood of great people who will stand by your side.  I enjoy ultra-running, hiking, climbing mountains, and walking my dogs.  I am known for keeping things moving and getting them done.

I enjoy trail running, hiking, climbing mountains, and spending time with my dogs, despite being recently diagnosed with primary lymphedema for almost 4 years now. I wear full leg compression on my right leg (24/7). Prior to this I would run a few ultra-marathons a year (50K and 50 Mile races) but now I do not run more than 10 miles.

Despite this condition, I am still very active. I will not let this disease stop me. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter and have a health condition that you may be concerned about, let’s talk it through and do not let it stop you from chasing your dreams.

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